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This free card tricks site offers easy to find answers and secrets to closely guarded magic secrets, impromptu card tricks and sleights, shuffles and forces. Good coin tricks and basic moves are revealed, group levitation secrets and new cool bar trick routines easily explained to enable you to soon find yourself levitating people and everyday things as well as do lots of easy illusions.

Improve your magic skills with conjuring, misdirection and presentation tips as well as search around the pages for useful secrets of magic and magician information.
You can learn to levitate, coin vanishes, to use misdirection and learn to do the Balducci effect like the great magicians such as David Blaine street magician and David Copperfield magician with some great impromptu trickery.

There are also exciting bar magic tricks, to enable bartenders and guests to perform cocktail style crowd pleasers. Also don't forget to check out the new easy Quick Tricks section and Optical Illusion Page.

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